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Fineday Foldable Stand

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Product Name Fineday Foldable Stand
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68mm  /  88mm  /  108mm

Foldable Stand: A Portable, Compact Holder

This foldable stand is designed for easy portability with its compact size. It provides stable support for various devices and is made of high-quality aluminum material, ensuring excellent durability. With its 3-stage adjustable feature, you can customize the height and angle according to your needs. It also offers a 360-degree rotation, making it suitable for your meetings and conferences.
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Never Experienced Before!
The Innovative 'Fineday Foldable Stand'
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Customized Folding for
Adaptable Usage!
Versatile Placement!
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Small yet powerful,
Foldable stand
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During external meetings with multiple people, don't go through the trouble of moving around. Just easily rotate the Fineday Foldable Stand and show your screen from your own seat.
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Useful in meeting rooms, libraries, cafes, and outdoor meetings!

The foldable stand allows you to rotate and secure it in 360 degrees, making it versatile for various purposes according to your needs.
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Boost Work Efficiency with 360-Degree Rotation during Artistic Tasks

When it comes to drawing tasks on devices like the iPad or tablets, achieving optimal work efficiency is key. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees or lock it in your desired position, you can enhance your productivity like never before. Additionally, our stand is equipped with non-slip pads on both the top and bottom surfaces, ensuring a stable and secure grip with high traction. Experience the perfect combination of versatility and stability, allowing you to unleash your creativity and elevate your artistic capabilities to new heights.
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Instant Screen Sharing from Your Seat with 360-Degree Rotation during Meetings

Fineday Foldable Stand  shines during external meetings. With our innovative device, there's no need to move around or hand over your device to share your screen with others. Simply rotate the stand from your seat and instantly engage in screen sharing without any hassle. Experience the convenience of seamless screen sharing right from your own position, eliminating the need for unnecessary movement or device transfers. Fineday Foldable Stand is your ultimate solution for efficient and effortless meeting collaborations.
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Handy in Various Locations, such as Cafes, Libraries, and Kitchens!

Try Using Your Phone and Tablet on the Go, Anytime, Anywhere! Perfectly Foldable for Convenient Portability.
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Adjust to Your Desired Angle with Ease by Rotating the Dial!

When you rotate the dial on the Foldable Stand to unlock it, you can conveniently use it for 360-degree rotation, allowing for versatile usage. On the other hand, if you lock the dial, the stand securely fixes in place, providing a sturdy and stable support without any wobbling.
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Durable and Stylish: Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Foldable Stand

Crafted from high-grade aircraft aluminum, this foldable stand boasts a matte surface with a subtle yet striking luster. Its premium construction ensures that it can withstand accidental drops and significant impacts without easily breaking, making it resilient compared to stands made of plastic materials.
bag detail image-S3L30
Meticulous Craftsmanship: The Essence of Premium Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

Immerse yourself in the world of meticulous craftsmanship as skilled artisans passionately shape each piece of premium aircraft-grade aluminum. With their unwavering dedication and expertise, they bring forth a material that embodies the true essence of luxury and excellence.
bag detail image-S1L11
Handcrafted with Precision: Every Step After CNC Machining

After the CNC machining process, every detail is meticulously handcrafted with care. From the joints to each individual screw, skilled artisans bring the stand to life through their expertise and craftsmanship.
bag detail image-S1L13
A luxurious and subtly glossy matte surface made of 
aluminum material shines prominently.
Folding Stand Made of Premium Aluminum Material (Aircraft Grade) Instead of Plastic

The folding stand, featuring an aluminum body, is resistant to accidental drops and significant impacts, ensuring it remains intact. Individuals who have used products made of plastic or claimed to be made of high-quality aluminum often find them to be heavy. This is not the case with our folding stand. We have meticulously designed it, placing emphasis on durability and material quality, as it is made from ALL aluminum material of aircraft grade. Hence, our product is sturdy and resilient, eliminating concerns of breakage or deformation.
bag detail image-S3L29
Subtle Elegance: The Captivating Gleam of Premium Aluminum

Experience the understated yet captivating allure of premium aluminum as it showcases a subtle and sophisticated gleam. Its lustrous surface, carefully crafted by skilled hands, emanates a timeless elegance that is impossible to ignore. The exquisite radiance of this material adds a touch of class and refinement to any setting.
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Effortless Portability with Perfect Folding!

Carry it Anywhere with its Compact Size of 3.46 inches  x  3.46 inches! (88mm Stand)
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Carry it with you to cafes, libraries, offices, and more, making your own work environment even more convenient and useful!
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Experience the convenience of the compact yet sturdy Fineday Foldable Stand, allowing you to use it effortlessly anytime, anywhere.
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The Fineday Foldable Stand is a model that can hold laptops with a size of 17 inches or smaller and weighing up to 2kg. Its design features four folding wings on the top and bottom surfaces, offering convenience and a minimalistic portability.
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Securely Hold Large Devices with Ease!

Experience the reliable stability of the Foldable Stand's exclusive '3-level locking mechanism,' allowing you to securely hold your device. Try using this dependable stand by securely locking it at levels 1 through 3 for a stable and secure device placement!
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The Foldable Stand is designed with multiple slots, allowing you to adjust it to your desired angle.
What is the maximum size it can accommodate?
bag detail image-S2L9
    First 68mm stand device: iPhone 11 Pro | 5.8" (W) x 2.81" (D) x 0.32" (H) (inches) | 6.63 lbs (pounds)
    Second 68mm stand device: iPad mini | 8.0" (W) x 5.3" (D) x 0.24" (H) (inches) | 0.66 lbs (pounds)
    Third 88mm stand device: iPad Pro 5th Generation (11-inch) | 9.74" (W) x 7.02" (D) x 0.23" (H) (inches) |  1.03 lbs (pounds)
    Fourth 88mm stand device: MacBook Air | 11.97" (W) x 8.36" (D) x 0.63" (H) (inches) | 2.8 lbs (pounds)
 Unfold the Wings of the Foldable Stand's Top and Bottom Supports for Enhanced Stability!

From smartphones to tablets, the 88mm stand offers even greater stability. It is recommended for holding devices up to 13 inches, providing a secure grip.
bag detail image-S3L20
    First 108mm stand device: MacBook Air | 11.97" (W) x 8.36" (D) x 0.63" (H) (inches) | 2.8 lbs (pounds)
    Second 108mm stand device: LG Gram 15.6-inch | 13.98" (W) x 9.32" (D) x 0.66" (H) (inches) | 2.4 lbs (pounds)
    Third 108mm stand device: MSI GL62M 7RE | 15.07" (W) x 10.23" (D) x 1.06" (H) (inches) | 5.29 lbs (pounds)
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 Flexibility Unleashed: Fineday Foldable Stand 108mm - Your Portable Angle and Height Solution!"

Experience personalized usage wherever and whenever you want with the Fineday Foldable Stand 108mm model. It can hold laptops sized 17 inches or smaller and weighing up to 4.4 lbs. Adjust the angle and height to your liking and make the most of it in any desired location!
bag detail image-S2L13
If you've ever experienced instability or tipping when placing larger-sized devices on a stand, worry no more!
bag product image-S2L15
bag detail image-S3L35
Enhanced Stability with 4 Wings on Top and Bottom Surfaces

Fineday Foldable Stand features a structure with over 14 joints and 4 wings on both the top and bottom surfaces, allowing for secure placement of various devices with high ground grip.
Enhance stability by wrench-adjusting the stand's tension!
bag detail image-S3L23
Achieve even greater stability by adjusting the tension of the stand with a wrench!

By using the included hex mini wrench, you can securely fix the stand by turning the wrench hole, ensuring a much stronger hold.
bag detail image-S3L25
If you want to eliminate any slight wobbling when using the foldable stand, try adjusting the tension by turning the wrench hole!
bag detail image-S3L27
bag detail image-S3L33
Now, with the Fineday Foldable Stand,
my workspace will be greatly enhanced, don't you think?
Non-slip pads for anti-slip protection!
bag white color image-S2L18
With non-slip pads attached to the top and bottom surfaces, the FineDay Foldable Stand offers enhanced stability and prevents slipping. The 4 wings on the top and bottom surfaces, equipped with non-slip pads, ensure a secure and stable grip in any environment.
bag white color image-S2L20

Experience a secure and stable placement without any slippage. The non-slip pads not only protect your device from scratches but also absorb vibrations when touching the placed device, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free user experience while securely holding it.
bag -S2L22
bag detail image-S2L23
bag detail image-S2L28
Fit Your Desired Thickness with Adjustable Stand Thickness!

Make sure the stand logo is facing the correct direction by unfolding the stand, and then check the rear side where the supporting base is located.
bag cream color image-S2L25
Try securely placing your device according to its size with stability!

The supporting base also features an adjustable tension wrench hole. Use a wrench to secure the tension and adjust it to fit the thickness of your device.
bag detail image-S2L29
Choose the perfect color and size for 
your needs!
Please purchase the perfect phone holder for you after reviewing the product specifications below!
bag product image-S2L30
bag product image-S2L32
Product Specifications
Fineday Foldable Stand 68mm
Fineday Foldable Stand 88mm
Fineday Foldable Stand 108mm
Size when folded2.67*2.67*1.06 in (68*68*27mm)3.46*3.46*1.14 in (88*88*29mm)4.25*4.25*1.14 in (108*108*29mm)
ColorMetal Gray / Rose GoldMetal Gray / Rose GoldMetal Gray / Rose Gold
Weight0.55 lb (250g)0.55 lb (250g)0.55 lb (250g)
Device RecommendedPhone/tablet up to 10"Phone/tablet up to 13"Phone/tablet up to 17", 4.4lb (2kg)
Available device thicknessUp to 0.62 in (16mm)Up to 0.82 in (21mm)Up to 0.94 in (24mm)
Maximum height4.84 in (123mm)6.29 in (160mm)7.75 in (197mm)
Bearing rotatable/fixableOOO
3 steps of fixingOOO
MagSafe compatible holeXOX
MaterialAluminum (Aircraft Grade)Aluminum (Aircraft Grade)Aluminum (Aircraft Grade)
Package Contents
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