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Fineday Keyboard 3.0 Premium Aluminum Edition

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Product Name Fineday Keyboard 3.0 Premium Aluminum Edition
Retail Price $1,100.00
Price $890.00
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* If you wish to receive it sooner, please consider FINEDAY Keyboard 3.0 UV-coating edition (Aluminum keycaps or ABS keycaps). 
* FINEDAY Keyboard 3.0 Aluminum edition may take up to a month to be shipped.
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Fineday Keyboard 3.0 Back to Premium Aluminum Edition

FINEDAY has consistently funded the mechanical retro keyboard series, and several supporters have participated. FINEDAY, which has received a lot of attention and love so far, is back with the Fineday Keyboard 3.0, which is back with a premium quality aluminum edition with the trust of the backers.
bag product image-S7L1
Youtuber Review
bag charcoal color image-S1L5
Over 300 years of time,
contain unchanging values
bag detail image-S1L8
Inherit the design of the past

It is said that the 'mechanical typewriter', which is loved to the present day, began in England in 1714. So FINEDAY reinterpreted the history of mechanical typewriters for more than 300 years.
beyond High-end
Now, as a work of art!
bag model image-S1L6
FINEDAY wants to give the older generation an experience and memory of the past and to give millennials a unique pleasure through a newly reinterpreted mechanical keyboard suitable for modern use.
bag model image-S1L12
Like the old "British Royal Typewriter"

Antique and classic typewriters to be seen in the study of the English royal family. Old typewriters were icons of the past 19th and 20th centuries. Beyond retro sensibility, we introduce "Fineday Keyboard 3.0 "Aluminum Edition", a new reinterpretation of the typewriter.
bag detail image-S1L14
bag detail image-S1L15
Dark green / Fineday keyboard 3.0
"Premium finest? aluminum" made by aluminum craftsmen

The aluminum body of "FineDay Keyboard 3.0" has a very beautiful exterior with its luxurious design and "airplane aluminum use and high-quality post-processing engraving technology." So you can feel the premium quality that fits your classic class.
bag detail image-S1L20
"Handmade products" hand-made by aluminum craftsmen with sweat and care

The aluminum material of 'Fineday Keyboard 3.0' was directly selected as the highest-quality aluminum of the aircraft class. All post-CNC work processes take a lot of time and effort to see the quality of the very delicate and sophisticated surface texture.
bag model image-S1L22
bag detail image-S1L24
Long-lasting product philosophy of Fineday

Fineday keyboards add an extra touch of antique sentiment to your desk. Whether it's been 10 years, 20 years, or even handed down from parents, there is no sense of discomfort in using them. That is what I believe defines the value of FINEDAY.
bag white color image-S1L23
bag charcoal color image-S1L26
An exquisite keyboard,
beyond the ordinary. Pure premium.
bag -S1L29
bag detail image-S2L1
bag detail image-S2L2
Navy / Fineday Keyboard 3.0
A luxurious texture that's different from the production process

It is an "airplane-class aluminum" made by aluminum craftsmen and has been processed by aluminum craftsmen themselves, using the grade of aluminum used in aircraft as a raw material. The exterior with a high-level finish is very beautiful. You can see the "premium quality" in the classic quality of the aluminum body.
bag detail image-S2L5
bag detail image-S2L6
Only traditional keyboard frames are different from aluminum products.

Fineday Keyboard 3.0 is a top-of-the-line, aircraft-grade aluminum keyboard with perfect conditions for luxury keyboards, and is a full-aluminum keyboard made of  top-of-the-line aluminum for wheels, levers, and keycaps.
bag detail image-S2L8
bag detail image-S2L9
The classic quality that always sits on your desk

In order not to be as light as a regular plastic keyboard, we carefully selected the aluminum material ourselves. I wanted to give you a sense of weight to keep your seat, not a light feeling, but a classic quality on your desk.
bag detail image-S2L11
Worthy of classical dignity
Premium quality!
bag -S2L14
bag detail image-S2L26
Non-corrosive and durable Handmade Aluminum Keycap

Aluminum craftsmen take a whole sheet of aluminum, trim it into the delicate shape of keycaps, and engrave the alphabets by perforating. Clearly visible in the light or dark, these high-quality keycaps are not only luxurious but also sturdy and functional.
The keycaps made of plastic or alloy materials eventually soften and become unreadable over time; however, the perforated letters on our LED aluminum keycaps will last. To maintain exquisite quality in every aspect, we have paid meticulous attention to the finishing process, even on the unseen backside of the keycaps.

bag detail image-S2L29
Diamond-like Illuminated Keycap

The FINEDAY Aluminum keycap is meticulously perforated, creating a diamond-like shine when the LED is activated. Additionally, when the FINEDAY keycap is illuminated with LED backlighting, it enables clear visibility of the keycap characters in dimly lit spaces, allowing for an impressive typing experience.
bag detail image-S2L15
bag detail image-S2L16
There's never been a keycap like this before!
FINEDAY's high-end premium keycap

Introducing the unique luxury keycap with sophisticated technology and luxurious details that can only be created by FINEDAY.
bag detail image-S2L19
bag detail image-S2L20
Meticulously crafted keycaps, one by one

Glowing like a diamond, illuminated by a cascade of LED light
Each letter on the keycap was meticulously perforated to allow the keyboard's LED to shine through.
bag detail image-S2L22
Cleared X, Broken X, Discoloration X

Aluminum is a keycap made by cutting aluminum, not imprinting, and has the advantage of not erasing letters.
All aluminum key caps do not break, unlike regular plastic key caps.
As with regular plastic keycap products, the keycap surface does not corrode or discolor over time.
bag detail image-S2L24
In addition, the finely perforated All Aluminum Flood Keycap has a direct LED floodlight than the regular plastic floodlight keycap. Therefore, it has the advantage of seeing the letters of the keycap very clearly in bright and dark places.
bag detail image-S2L31
Unveiling the Full Aluminum Experience!

You can't possibly compare a conventional keyboard frame to our regular aluminum product. Fine Day keyboards are meticulously crafted from top-quality aluminum, leaving no room for compromise. In particular, our manufacturing process stands apart from ordinary keyboards that blend plastic frames with aluminum. With our premium materials, you'll feel a towel-like texture that sets it apart from typical alloy keycaps. The secret to its high-end performance lies in the uniform oxide film that protects the keyboard body and keycaps, resulting in a glossy effect within the aluminum alloy system.
bag model image-S2L34
bag detail image-S2L33
CNC Dual Anodizing Method, Why Fineday can confidently say "premium"

That's because I paid attention to not only the aircraft grade aluminum material but also the delicate part of the post-processing method. It does not miss the gloss and luxurious texture of the surface that cannot be expressed in typical aluminum surface post-processing.
bag blue green color image-S2L36
bag detail image-S2L37
A keycap made of metal provides a unique sense of comfort and a distinctive design with a beautiful appearance
bag charcoal color image-S2L39
Brightly floodlit LED backlight

Experience the stunning LED backlight effect that shines like a diamond through meticulously drilled keycap holes, even when turned on or off.
bag -S2L41
bag detail image-S2L42
Still, don't you know why I use a mechanical keyboard?

It's a mechanical keyboard that makes a 'click' cheerful sound. It's characterized by a sense of dryness that feels moderate resistance. Unlike the lightweight, soft, but featureless membrane switch, the mechanical keyboard provides an analog feel of comfort, similar to the old typewriter.
bag grey blue color image-S2L44
German Cherry Genuine Switch

Only use genuine switches from Cherry AG, Germany. Launched in 1983, the MX switch is highly regarded by keyboard enthusiasts around the world for its 40-year-old quality, attractive and accurate height.
bag detail image-S2L46
It's so catchy, but it's not all the same mechanical keyboards!

It's because Fine Day makes it different. FineDay Keyboard 3.0 is not exclusive to writers, designers, and gamers, but for all of us to use together. Make your dream come true today!
bag charcoal color image-S2L48
Now I'm going to write with dignity!

You will find me constantly writing your stories after work.
bag detail image-S2L50
Now, make your desk more elegant!

You won't be able to stop typing even though you don't have much to do.
bag detail image-S2L52
Like ASMR, a comforting sound that calms your heart
bag detail image-S2L54
Just like the old typewriter's sentiment,
Let's save the taste of typing!
bag -S2L56
bag detail image-S2L57
bag detail image-S2L58
bag detail image-S2L59
Navy / Fineday Keyboard 3.0
Enter | Left lever

Press the lever on the top left of the keyboard "slightly to the right" for use as an Enter function.Experience the experience of using an old typewriter by implementing the line-up function of an old typewriter.
bag -S2L62
bag detail image-S2L64
bag product image-S2L63
Effortless Control without Device Touch

The left wheel allows you to adjust the brightness of the keyboard's LED backlight, providing a range of options from subtle illumination to vibrant lighting.

The right wheel is designed for controlling the volume of your wired or wireless connected devices, enabling you to easily adjust the audio output to your desired level.
bag detail image-S2L67
Aluminum Edition (ALL Aluminum Key Cap)
bag detail image-S2L66
Various LED Patterns
bag -S2L71
bag product image-S2L78
Seamless Multi-pairing for up to 4 Devices

By registering the shortcut keys Fn+1, Fn+2, and Fn+3, you can effortlessly switch between three wireless devices with Fn+Tab, allowing you to conveniently use both wired and wireless devices simultaneously.
bag charcoal color image-S2L74
Beyond Design: Quality that Combines Elegance with Functionality

Experience the Simultaneous Multitasking of Tablet, Smartphone, and Laptop for Efficient Document Work. Connect your tablet, cell phone, and laptop at the same time and work on multiple documents at the same time.
bag -S2L76
bag detail image-S2L77
bag grey color image-S2L79
Experience Lightning-Fast Work Speed with the Latest Bluetooth 5.0!

Switch seamlessly across Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android platforms, and witness the remarkable swiftness that Bluetooth 5.0 brings to your workflow.
bag detail image-S2L81
Get up to speed with the latest Bluetooth 5.0, "Mac, iOS, Windows, Android" all at a fast pace!
bag detail image-S2L84
* This product is not a rechargeable keyboard. Two AA batteries are required (not included)
bag model image-S2L83
Connect your tablet, cell phone, and laptop at the same time
Try using multiple quick document tasks at the same time.
bag -S2L87
bag product image-S2L88
Key Layout Customization for OS Transition

Effortlessly switch between Win/Android and Mac/iOS platforms while maintaining arrow key functionality. Customize the key positions to match your preferred operating system and freely navigate between Win/Android ↔ Mac/iOS.
bag mint color image-S5L1
When switching operating systems, you can use the keycaps without the need to rearrange their positions (with Opt, Cmd, and Cmd engravings).
bag -S2L92
bag detail image-S2L93
Ergonomic Keyboard Stand with a 9.22 Degree Angle to Alleviate Wrist Fatigue

Designed with a 9.22-degree angle, our keyboard stand is crafted to reduce wrist fatigue during prolonged typing sessions. Experience enhanced comfort and ergonomic support as you type, thanks to our carefully engineered design.

bag detail image-S2L98
When you write or work, now use it on your wrist without difficulty.
bag -S2L100
bag product image-S2L101
Designed for Unwavering Support, Ensuring a Steady Keyboard Mount

Experience the ultimate stability with our secure device mount, designed to prevent any issues of your keyboard tipping or sliding backward. Enjoy a steadfast and reliable keyboard mount that provides unrivaled stability and peace of mind.
bag grey color image-S2L103
The device mount size for the keyboard is W 8.77in x D 0.66in x H 0.86in. 
We recommend using the mount in a vertical orientation for optimal compatibility.
Recommended Device Mounting Options

For vertical orientation: We recommend using devices with a screen size of 12 inches or smaller.
For horizontal orientation: We recommend using devices with a screen size of 8 inches or smaller.

*Please note that the iPad Pro (12.9 inches, 214.9280.6 mm) can only be mounted in the vertical orientation.
bag detail image-S5L2
This product is not a rechargeable keyboard. If you wish to use it without a cable, it requires two AA batteries (not included).
bag white color image-S6L3
bag white color image-S6L1
bag charcoal color image-S6L2
bag charcoal color image-S3L8
Brightly floodlit LED backlight

Experience the stunning LED backlight effect that shines like a diamond through meticulously drilled keycap holes, even when turned on or off.
bag grey color image-S3L7
Fineday added the Keyboard cover that many backers requested
bag charcoal color image-S5L3
bag charcoal color image-S5L4
Package Contents: Keyboard Main Unit, User Manual, USB A to C Cable, Cover, Remover
bag burgundy color image-S12L3
More Details
Fineday Keyboard 3.0 Aluminum Edition
Cherry MX switches (Germany) : Blue Axis
Dark green, Navy, Black
2.2 lbs (1kg)
W 14.57 * D 7.28 * H 3.46 in
Device Stand Size
W 8.77 x D 0.86 x H 0.66
Premium Aluminum (Aircraft Grade)


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