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Cart Usage Guide

  • You cannot make a combined payment for international shipping products and domestic shipping products. Please make separate payments for each cart.
  • For internationally shippable products, you can add them to the domestic shipping cart and then move them to the international shipping cart for payment.
  • To change the quantity of selected items, modify the quantity and click the [Change] button.
  • Click the [Continue Shopping] button to continue shopping.
  • You can use the cart and wishlist to order only the desired items or add them to your wishlist.
  • If you add the same product to the cart multiple times, the file attachment option will be replaced with the last uploaded file.

Interest-Free Installation Usage Guide

  • To receive the benefit of interest-free installment for specific products, select only those products and click the [Place Order] button to proceed with the order/payment.
  • Click the [Order All Products] button to place an order/payment for all selected items in the cart, without distinction.
  • However, if you choose to order/payment for all products, you will not be eligible for the interest-free installment benefit.
  • Interest-free installment products will be displayed separately in the cart, and the shipping fee will be shown based on the interest-free installment products. Please refer to the shipping fee information at the bottom of the order form for the actual shipping fee, which may vary depending on the products ordered together.
  • Interest-free installment products will be displayed separately in the cart.