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Aircraft-grade Aluminum Keycap

Aluminum craftsmen take a whole sheet of aluminum, trim it into the delicate shape of keycaps, and engrave the alphabets by perforating

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Customize the keyboard that fits you.

Choose the design you want, from the body of the keyboard to the keycap.

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UV coating

A method of applying UV paint on the desired object and irradiating it with ultraviolet rays to cure it in a very short time in seconds

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Rotatable / Fixable, 360° rotation bearing

Just rotate FINEDAY Foldable Stand from your seat to share the screen

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What size holder do I need?

68mm · 88mm · 108mm 'Check the size of the device that can be mounted.'
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Strong and durable high-quality Aluminum

Its whole body is made of Aluminum, not plastic - it is not easily damaged or broken. All handmade processes after CNC production