Rotatable & foldable phone/tablet holder


360° bearing

3 steps
of fixing

Various angles

Aluminum body

ModelFINEDAY Foldable Stand 68mmFINEDAY Foldable Stand 88mm
FINEDAY Foldable Stand 108mm
Size when folded2.67*2.67*1.06 in (68*68*27mm)3.46*3.46*1.14 in (88*88*29mm)
4.25*4.25*1.14 in (108*108*29mm)
ColorMetal Gray / Rose Gold
Metal Gray / Rose Gold
Metal Gray / Rose Gold
Weight0.55 lb (250g)0.89 lb (408g)
1.433 lb (650g)
Device RecommendedPhone/tablet up to 10"Phone/tablet up to 13"
Phone/tablet up to 17", 4.4lb (2kg)
Available device thicknessUp to 0.62 in (16mm)Up to 0.82 in (21mm)
Up to 0.94 in (24mm)
Maximum height4.84 in (123mm)6.29 in (160mm)
7.75 in (197mm)
Bearing rotatable/fixableOOO
3 steps of fixingOOO
MagSafe compatible holeXOX