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FINEDAY is a professional manufacturing company that produces high-end desk devices and accessories.


We are developing products with the goal of providing our own high-end small electronic products using unique designs and premium materials such as aluminum.We make essential products for digital users, such as Bluetooth keyboards, projectors, or cell phone cases, in classic design with a modern twist. We have successfully launched over twenty campaigns in the US, Japan, and Korea via crowdfunding platforms. This was our effort to provide these premium products to the public, and we plan to continue developing various products based on the trust we've built with the public over the years.


From July 2023, we will finally start our own global mall to meet customers around the world in person. By meeting producers and consumers in person, we eliminate distribution margins and offer free shipping worldwide (UPS, DHL, etc.)


FINEDAY hopes to meet you with more unique products in the future.